5 Alternatives to OG YouTube!!

OG YouTube is the best app to download YouTube video from the app itself and it also provides some additional benefits like audio downloads and background player. But in some phones, some of the features don’t work, like the app stops playing video after some time if it streaming in the background.

So, in this post, we will discuss alternative apps for OGYouTube. But in this list of alternatives, you will find apps with the same features of OGYouTube or some extra feature or lesser features. But every app in this list has video downloading feature.

Best Alternatives To OGYouTube:

  1. YTD App

    YTD app stands for YouTube downloader app, this is the best alternative for OGYouTube. This app provides some extra feature than OGYouTube like playlist download, full channel download, etc.

    But this app doesn’t provide basic features like audio download or background video streaming and all other features present in OGYouTube.

  2. Floating Tube

    This is the best app from my point of view, it provides a feature of floating video stream which is the best feature among all other features. Using Floating tube, you can pop out a video and play it over other apps.


    You will have an experience similar to Facebook Messenger, and if it a video pop out windows then it is awesome! You can browse or chat in WhatsApp while the video streams in a pop out. And it has all other features like video/audio download from the app. This app is a must try for every YouTube user.

  3. Pro Tube

    Pro tube is another awesome app through which you can stream background videos, download videos and audios, and stream video in the background and play audio. An added benefit of the app is that you can use the app without logging in.



    And the app also provides another feature which no other app has integrated, the app has a picture to picture feature in iOS 9. Have it a try and you will be amazed.

  4. FreeDi YouTube player

    This is another app with all basic features and also like Pro tube, no login is required to use the app. This app is a very old application, which came long back before OGYouTube with simple features which YouTube did not provide at that time.

    Now it has lots of feature of OGYouTube and if you face any problem in OGYouTube, then you can try this app, there is nothing more in this app.

  5. Shuffly

    Shuffly is another app with some interesting features like it will ask for your interests and stream random videos of your choice as the name says, it will shuffle the video which you may like and stream it.

    Apart from this it can also play videos in recent app windows and have all other features that are present in OGYouTube.

These are the top alternative of OGYouTube. The list continues, it’s a very long list, there are thousands of such app available around the internet, but these are the best according to the users and reviews.

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