How to Fix OG YouTube app Not Installing Error!!


Video streaming is helping internet users in a lot of ways like education, business, entertainment, infotainment, product reviews, etc. When it comes to video streaming sites YouTube ranks number one and everyone uses YouTube for all types of video streaming.

Android users get a default pre-installed YouTube app when they buy the phone, so naturally, they start using it all time. YouTube is owned by Google and they have brought a lot of updates in the past years to make the user experience of the application smooth and good.

But some all-time requested features like video download and background playing are not present in YouTube app, but there is another app known as OG YouTube which is same as the YouTube application with a lot of great features on it.

However due to some reasons, the OG YouTube application is not available in play store so you have to download it from external source and install it for using it, but many people have reported many errors while installation of the application, in this post I will post a detailed guide on how to fix those errors.

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How to fix Installation errors in OG YouTube application?

As OG YouTube is not available in any official apps stores like Play Store, Amazon App stores. There are a lot of fake apps and some apps are corrupted, these are the reasons why you are facing problem while installation. Don’t worry, below I have mentioned fixes for all the problems.

The 2 common errors that people face while installing this app are

  1. Application not installed error
  2. Unable to sign in with google account in application

Solving Application Not Installed Error:

The solution to this problem is very simple if you are unable to install the application that you have downloaded, first of all, try downloading from different sites, still not installing. Then uninstall the original YouTube application or just force stop it and clear cache and data, then try installing the OG YouTube application, it will install for sure. Now if you want the native YouTube application too, then install it after installing the OG YouTube application. Both the application will work fine.

Solving unable to sign in issue:

This is another annoying error, after successfully downloading and installing the OG YouTube application you may not be able to sign in. If you face this problem, then it is because you are missing one or two or all three of the three application which is mandatory for using your google account with OG YouTube. So, try installing the following three apps.

  1. Google Play Services
  2. Google Account Manager
  3. Google Service Framework

These are 2 main reported errors when installing or using OG YouTube Application, I hope you have successfully fixed both the errors you faced using this article. If you still face any error or issue with the application, then comment below we will help you out.

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